Forum cookies over 30MB

Just out of curiosity: Why do 2 cookies for a forum require so much discspace?

Are you sure about that 30MB?

Because that would make the website incredibly slow for you to use. As each cookie is sent as part of each request. Looking at my own, they’re nowhere near that size

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That’s what Firefox tells me. On the other hand, the size of the cookies.sqlite is only 1024 KB.

It’s possible that it’s other storage being used.

Browsers these days have local storage which can be used. May also be cache. Like all the character pictures.

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@Steve_Ronuken is right - that’s the total storage allocated to the website, so is cached content.
The cookies will be irrelevant in comparison to stored elements and content.
Cookies are typically not much more than a (few) reference/content pairs used to hold user specific references - typically a session and user identifiers. A few hundred bytes is normally all it takes.

The cache is normally larger. If you download an image/graphic/script as part of a page then the browser keeps a copy with a reference and timestamp - then if the user browses to the same place the browser can load a copy from local storage it it is still valid rather than downloading it across the network again.
It makes page loads a lot faster Caching like this is used all over the place - surprisingly little comes from the host on each load, it’s cached in the network or locally - or even a cache on the host server. Content delivery is a fascinating thing!

In perspective, on the phone I am using here has 3.5GB of cache (I l must get a life…).

Steve: I really like Fuzzworks. Thank-you.

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