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Looks like you already know the solution to your problem. Go hang out in “Stack, Reddit and plenty of others” instead of expecting CCP to change this forum to please little ol’ you.


What a pile of crap.

I already do, and I also check forums plenty because the character bazaar and marketplace is on forums. Is there a reason you don’t want a voting system? Are you afraid that your ideas are bad?

How many times does it need to be explained to you?


It does indeed kill off a lot of “good” ideas, but are they really good if nobody agrees with them? How exactly do you measure if a post is good or not?
Obviously ideas are going to be silenced, but if they are being silenced because a lot of people disagree then is it good?

Yes, it’s possible. There’s an example of it happening it with CSM, yet there’s also a counterexample of it happening with reddit. Goons don’t “control” a majority of r/eve, and probably never will.
Just because a single group COULD do something doesn’t mean that they will.

You know where the Goons are from right?

Democracy is very good system BUT it’s easily manipulated without rigid controls…this is what we’re saying and if you don’t get that then you might have bigger issues to worry about than a game forum, mainly where ever you live’s form of governance.

Goons issue forth from the Something Awful forums, it’s TAPI that oozes out of reddit, no?

many people here aswered you that it would be a bad idea
So, following your system, your idea would be downvoted again and again and finally your voice would be blocked
But here you keep on trying to explain to us it is a good idea
You see the problem? there is some sort of contradiction, no?


I downvote this entire thread.

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I also wish I could down-vote this OP, but nothing else.

I agree 100%.

People and groups already abuse the flagging system as is no need to give them another tool (vote brigading) to can silence opposing views even more.

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Don’t forget the cloaky voter.

  1. prevent alpha from voting
  2. prevent people with less than 10B from creating a new topic in “players suggestion”. and communication, as those can be used to “discuss” suggestions.
  3. Ban people who post a player suggestion in an incorrect section, like 1 month at first and 6 months afterwards
  4. Ban the idiots who post nonsense like “correlation is causation, I have a PhD so this is true”, 3 years.
  5. Ban DMC because he keeps insulting people who disagre with him. 15 years, he will still be an angry bittervet after that.
  6. Ban the mods because they are too close to the “ban” feature.
  7. close the forum, and create a new one \o/
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Forums seem little used anyway (apart from people attacking others mainly)… you can go do that stuff on reddit (upvotes etc)

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As a victim, watching your ship Post die while jammed Downvoted without anything you can do about it feels bad. As an ECM Forum user the system doesn’t feel great either when you get unlucky are downvoted and miss a lot of jams. up votes . We would love to improve both sides of this coin by giving ECM Forum Voters more consistent behavior while also toning down the helplessness that comes with being jammed. Down Voted

  • When you down vote a post, that post will not be down-voted but the owner of that post can down vote you.
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Reddit and imgur also have upvote/downvote mechanics and so did Kinja-powered comment boards on various websites such as tv/movie review websites and such. However, the Kinja ones would show you the people who upvoted only and not show you the people who downvoted (to prevent too much drama). I really don’t think any of those systems would add much to these forums, though. They’re fine the way they are, IMO.

And ofc… youtube has up and down votes, but for videos the ups and the downs are BOTH good for the uploader, they both count as engagement, so if you don’t like the video or the person who posted it, the best thing to do is not to watch it all the way to the end, not to click either up OR down vote, etc. And in the youtube comments… the upvotes increase a score but the downvotes? well, the downvotes, “they do nothink! NOTHINK!”

You don’t measure it, that’s the whole point. Ideas stand on their own merits, people are free to post and discuss anything they want. Maybe at some point CCP evaluates those ideas for possible use, but only after extended discussion. And that extended discussion only has a chance to happen if the posts stay visible, if you have a downvote echo chamber the idea is killed before anyone can be persuaded by it.

And yes, ideas can be good even if the majority disagrees with them. It doesn’t matter how many people think the earth is flat and downvote arguments in favor of the truth, the earth is still round.

Obviously ideas are going to be silenced, but if they are being silenced because a lot of people disagree then is it good?

I suppose the answer to that depends on whether you want a forum for constructive discussion and debate or an echo chamber where the majority opinion is the only one that is permitted.


Well said, sirrah.

Yeah, and its only because of the lack of a voting system that ideas that you deem as “bad” are posted so often on forums.