Found and Lost (FANDL) is starting up! (PVP/WH/NS)

A new year, a new chapter in Eve!

Found and Lost (FANDL) is ready for the next stage and opening its doors for new members!

We are looking for PVP minded pilots who like to become part of our small group and help to build a well-organised and functional corporation. We are ambitious, but like to maintain a relaxed atmosphere; a place where all of our members feel at home.

  • FANDL is staging from Thera. We consider ourselves to be a WH-corp.
  • PvP focus: solo/small gang/group activity with emphasis on cloaked warfare.

  • PvE focus: exploration, Abyssal sites

  • FANDL is a strong supporter of the NPSI community, Bombers Bar and Spectre-fleet among others.

  • No mandatory ops, RL comes before anything else. Eve can be a huge time sinkā€¦

  • We will never tell you what you can and can not do in Eve, all playstyles are valid. Some will fit us more than others, but most important is that you try to include your corp and/or teammates in your endeavours as much as you can.

  • No tight-knitness of any kind. We are building from the ground up, we all need to get to know each other.

If this sounds interesting to you drop by in our public channel or on our Discord for a chat and for more info:

IG public chat: Found and Lost

Ready for takeoff!

Solid foundation, experienced leadership. If you are looking for a small team where you actually get to know the pilots you fly with: this is the right place.

You like to play Eve on Hard Mode? Drop by for more info.

Sound interesting? Come over and have a chat!

Moving up, come and check us out.

You can help shaping this corp!

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