Found pilot

Not valid anymore, pilot found

Still looking for

why not all 4?

No thanks, I don’t need the additional 26 millions of SP

extract the rest :wink:

No thanks, I will not overpay for a character only to be forced to extract unnecessary SP :slight_smile:

I’m a Gallente JF pilot, looking for a new home.

I would be very interested if only you had JDC5… :frowning:

yeah, i just got back in to the game after 1 and a half. You can still train it though, Only 1.4 bil for skill injectors.

I replied in-game, but I can see you are expecting 13b for 10m SP character, so I’ll pass

you didn’t read the post all the way, i said OBO.

Offer made in-game, let’s see what you think of

Great JF skills, but also 35m SP too much :frowning: What price are you looking at?

somewhere between 40 to 50 bill

Still looking for!

Read your original post I’m interested

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