WTS JF Pilot - 22m SP Nomad Pilot 18bill

JDC, JDO, JFC , JF & Minmatar Freighter all to V

Pilot in npc corp
Positive wallet
no kill marks
located in Jita 4/4

Starting bid 18bill.
Sale will end 24 hours after first bid


bump …

bump …

16B offer

thanks, but looking for 18b bid to start off

I can inject the full character for 18B or so if I exclude non JF skills (inc 1M friend bonus). And I get to choose my own name. If you extract, it’s worth ~13B.

Think you’re over pricing the acc?

22 mill SP = 44 large injectors at 625mill each - 27.5 bill…

if you dont like the non JF skills, go buy for 16bill without them o/

You think Extractors are free boiii? LMAO

Also you think you can extract all 22m sp. I’m pretty sure your friend or someone gave you this account and you probably know nothing about the game.

Not quite. You can’t extract below 5M SP, why you see the count available on skillboard is 34. So you plan on buying 34 skill extractors for real money? If not, they are 270M each. So your total profit is (640M-270M)*34.

yea your right Dominoz , im a dummy, thanks for explaining …

no Boiii , yea i know nothing about this game… is this WoW ?

but im glad your apart of this community … thanks for explaining without like being a dick or offending

Thank Man. I try my Best XD

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