Found this video about Millenials in one of my youtube feeds

I don’t necessarily agree with the age … as in, Millenials are born in 1984 and up …
… but that is a nitpicking detail not serving any purpose anyway.

A lot of what he says fits the whining people on this forum… perfectly. And make no mistake believing that this ia bout everyone in that generation. No. Even in the comments several people point out that this mostly applies to US-Americans and that is absolutely correct.

In before someone talking about the speaker, instead of the topic.
In before me getting flagged by exactly those who he speaks of.
I have no idea who that guy is, but what he says is true.


Haven’t had time to fully watch it yet (I’ll do later), but I think this fits in here:


And before anyone accuses me of being some smartass old guy, I was born in 1991.
No helicopter parents, no smartphone / social media addiction, no “I want it and I want it naow” whiny attitude. Also proud to be a open-minded European. Now get off my lawn!

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