Looking for a carrier skilled toons (t1 fighters are ok), prefer gallente or minamatar, but open to all. Also considering characters that are somewhat close to a carrier with at least a good base skills of navigation and drones/fighters

t1 fighters

I have all of these i could do for 4.2 each. I planned to train them into VNIs and sell them or just extract the 1-1.5 mil sp off them when the alpha skills are done maxing out.

thanks for the offers, but 4.2 for under 5m sp isn’t something I can afford, good luck!

Well because they have like 1.5 mil non alpha SP you could keep training them until they max out alpha… (6.4 ish Million SP) and then respec those non alpha sps to cyber five and boom.

true true, hoping for something out the gate for a bit cheaper

I could do like 4 if you wanted them all

Updated topic/purpose.

uppy guppy

Pilot with 82,575,656, focused on pvp. 77B b/o

Nice pilot in:

Jump Freighters
Great sub capital / Paladin / Carrier

Definitely a nice pilot, sadly far above the budget I have for this

another beautiful pilot, I’m looking to spend around 15b, so unless you want to settle for that :stuck_out_tongue:

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