{FOXIN' AROUND} - Gathering initial player core!

In search of initial player core. Need dynamic Fleet members to participate in the many opportunities we have to offer:

  • PvE
    – Missions
    – Anoms/Escalations
    – Abyssals
    – Mining
    – Wormholes
  • PvP
    – Low-Sec
    – NULL-Sec
    – Wormholes
    – Faction Warfare

We are interested in Fleet-achievement of these efforts. This Corporation is dedicated to a high-achieving Fleet presence. Our priority is output of the Fleet, and the efficiency we can leverage into in-game value for our members.

Plenty to do, just need your support! Reach out to Corderaux in-game, or join this Discord

Continuing to gather initial player core! Thanks to overwatch and Stellular for joining!

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