FOXIN' AROUND - [PvP, PvE, WH, Low, 0.0, Indy., Trading, etc...] Dedicated to active group content!

Growing player fleet for in-game content. Now recruiting willing participants in these activities. Fleet security requires Corporation membership.

  • Infusion of PvP and PvE elements
    • Broadens area/s of operation
    • Secures PvE security with Corporation forces
    • Provides active PvP content
    • Secures material for Corporation Industry/Industrialists

Certain content in the game is insurmountable without other pilots. This Corporation’s ideal member values combined energy, understanding the necessity of group cohesion to achieve great success.

If you are interested in participating, check out the Discord for more info.


Fleet is now in operation.

Message me in-game, and join the Discord to participate.

Fleet up and running! We have many roles to fill. Reach out on Discord or in-game.

Daily fleet commencing once again… Missed yesterdays bump for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need buffed fleet power for greater content! Fleet is now up and running. If you want to be part of a competent and active group, come take a look!

Continuing to bring active content! Fleet is commencing, once again for the day.

Final fleet for tonight! Member count continues to grow… Thank you for checking out this page!

PvP/PvE fleet going up for today! You are more than welcome to come check it out.

Not slowing down… Any time soon! Member count is up. Filament group is in the works. Epic Arc group is in the works… More to come. Check us out!

Missed a few bumps :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Had fleets up those days too tho! Gathering more members for fleet content!

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