Foxin' Around - Mustering for heavy industry and combat forces. We, need, YOU!

Foxin’ Around is a COMPLETE military-industrial complex. Our military is empowered by our industry, and our industry thrives because of our military. This infusion of PvE and PvP provides great power, power not often utilized in this game by other Corporations… Our goal, our mission, is to go above and beyond the rest, and provide you with a greater experience in EVE, than you have ever had before!

We utilize any and all sources of economy, for increasing our unique Corporation “claim” value. Each member gains claims, for participation in Corp. operations. Lucrative operations increase the claim value, which increases the value for EACH member with claims.

To increase this claim value, we need YOUR help, with any and all of the following:

  • Missions
  • Anomalies
  • Incursions
  • Abyssals
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Industry
  • PvP
  • Exploration

Success in these operations increases the worth of our Corporation, which increases the value each member is due.

Foxin’ Around utilizes a custom ranking system for active members. As members gain more experience in Corp. operations, they move closer and closer to attaining a new rank, and an in-game decoration! Ranks grant authority, and clarify who is in command of active operations. Ranks allow us to ensure “quality of command”, providing our members with some assurance that their leaders will be competent and capable.

Foxin’ Around combat forces are self-supplied by the Corporation industrial-complex. Members do NOT supply their own ships for operations. Due to this, members are REQUIRED to levy personal claim value, EQUAL to the value of the fits they are given. This value is released upon safe return of the asset.

Foxin’ Around has a ONE-WEEK activity check. Members who have not earned a claim within that time, are subject to removal from the Corporation. This gives members confidence that time spent in our Corporation, is NOT time spent doing nothing in the game. Our members MUST participate. You didn’t join to do nothing, and we didn’t add you to do nothing. You will VERY quickly be dropped, if participation is not your goal.

Intrigued? Eager? Capable?..

Discord - Your first step to get involved

Will continue clarifying upon these details as they develop.

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