Foxin' Around, that's us... We Foxin' Around

Foxin’, its “Fuxin”, get it?

We Fuxin Around, that’s us… We Fuxin Around

Foxin’ Around, in-game, check out the Corp. details

Foxin’, from behind, we might just like it…

But, it might just be YOU, we Foxin’!..

You, were ready for? No? Not quite?..

Well, too late… Your loot, dropped just right…

But that means, you on our ■■■■-list, so you earned it, stride for stride…

We gone be somethin’ different… its in our nature, we Foxin’ Around

But we play fair, and we play square! We mean it!

Promise! …It’s in our policy!

Check the site! Check in-game, to check the site!

Come get paid, its in our policy!

Fuxin’, its Foxin’… We like it.

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