🐼 Fraternity Academy [OmniTZ/NewBro/HS/LS/NS]

We are now up to date with invitations :slight_smile: Welcome to the team!

Hello , can i get an invite ?

looking to experience nullsec with a good group. if you still have room, may i have an invite

Invites sent! :slight_smile:

Hello. Can I join? thank you

oldbro here… reactivated in the middle of your space after a 4-year gap …no links to any other player groups any more - therefore interested to find out if its worth an EUTZ player sticking around, rather than just fireselling and leaving :slight_smile:

Wow, welcome back!

I can definitely give you an invite to Fraternity Academy; but drop me a message on Discord first :slight_smile: BJK#5526

Used to be in Fraternity but I had to take a break due to real life issues in hospital, during that time the corporation I was in left Frat and found a new home. I was hoping to pick back up where I left off as most of my things are still located in Vale. How do I apply?

I joined but kicked only with 2 days and nobody tells me why…

Hello, can a returning player join?

Relatively new player interested in moving towards null/low sec activities, looking to join. I’m in EUTZ
IGN: SinusQuell



I am a returning player who has hardly touched Null-Sec before and would like to learn.

I wish to join on this alternate character.

IGN: Breadcrumb Vacuum

could i get a invite please i have 4 accounts at the moment
main IGN Gracokin Giant Chent-Shi
Gracokin Giant Chent-Shii
Master Aphex
Steve The Bastard


you guys still recruiting? picked up the game again after a few years. I decided to give it a second chance, I am an newly omega account and im looking for a group to join and hopefully learn a few things. any chance I can join?

hey im new to eve and got told by someone to come apply you Frat academy in game name is lurminzo midumulf

If this post is still active I would like to join. My main is Goathn Kateat. I used to play with jao’jui which I sold somewhere in 2010. After that came a periode of inactivity and some periodes of returning with my current toon. Hoping to get into nullsec and major battles again.

(post deleted by author)

Hey, relatively new, looking to get further into null-sec and corp activities. IGN - Ren Gradius.