Free Nullsec Space to live in for Corporations and Pilots

(Lydia Blade) #1

We have plenty of Nullsec sov space to fill and more to conquer. We have a good amount of enemies around us and lots of action. We are looking for PVP or indy corps or individual players to join our ranks.

What we offer:
PVP content daily - enemies to shoot nearby. You do not pay rent. You are involved in decision making. No mandatory fleets. Local Market. Jump freighter service. Excellent ratting, mining, moon goo. Casual and fun atmosphere. Looking for AU TZ in particular, but also interested in US and EU TZ members.

Here is our killboard so you can check out our content:

Interested? Contact me in-game.

Looking for new corp
Indy corp looking for nullsec space
11mil Sp player lf null corp
Corp found! thanks for all the offers!
(system) #2

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