Freemen of the Verge - Gallente High-Sec Pilots

o7 capsuleers! We are expanding our organization and seeking friendly pilots to join us in the heart of Gallente space, Verge Vendor! We mine, mission, manufacture, explore, trade, and chat amongst good friends. Freemen of the Verge are pod pilots coming together to make their experiences the best New Eden has to offer.

We offer:

  • Friendly and helpful corp mates
  • A casual but motivated atmosphere
  • Weekly mining ops and active mission runners
  • Based in Gallente High-Sec space, Verge Vendor
  • Shelter from wars - we are a no war corp
  • 0.0% tax
  • New pilot friendly
  • Mentors to help you with mining, mission running, manufacturing, planetary interaction, and trade
  • Discord server for voice chat
  • Voice chat mandatory for promotion
  • US time zone

Become a Freemen today!

Still seeking pilots!

New Bro here, currently located at Clellinon VI. US eastern time zone. Part timer, 3-4 hours per day and 4-6 hours on weekends. Looking to learn more about EVE gameplay (industry, mining, hauling, etc). hope to hear from you!! Fly Safe! o7

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