FREGE Corporation/Alliance Recruitment

We are a group of players that believe RL comes first always.

We have extensive knowledge about the EVE universe and are looking for experienced and novice pilots.

Our goals this time around is to set up the FREGE community for growth and fun while balancing the demand on leadership and members.

(It is internet spaceships after all)

We are building a self sustaining organization that rewards members for what they do for the corporation. (I.E. you get compensated)

We don’t care what you do in the EVE universe.

We have been at the top before and like many groups reduced activity because of frustrations with game mechanics and RL.

So we are back and going to start from the bottom and give EVE another shot.

If you are a seasoned player and tired of all the boredom that comes with political mumbo Jumbo. We are offering you a fresh new start in EVE.

We are going to start fresh and build from the ground up. To see if CCP has fixed the mechanics enough for new start ups to be able to encroach on the 0.0 without having to NAP up everyone just to do so.

We have done extensive research and have a plan of action that will get us back where we want to be. Just this time without all of the extra Hoopla required. Every member no matter the role will be able to play the game at leisure without the demands of current organizational structures in EVE.

We are starting with another attempt at the same goals we have always had. Every member should be able to play for fun. We are a community of people who play a game. Not a second job for people playing a game.

When you research FREGE you will see many things. We don’t argue with others on these. The only argument we have is that people who fly with FREGE always are fond of the time they did. Because we build an actual community of people.

This will give you an idea of what we have done in the past. I.E. last time there were changes in eve like the upcoming ones. FREGE was profiled for EVE online Magazine Edition #1 after our last reboot.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new Chapter of FREGE. Hit us up.


Recruitment still Open

We here at FREGE are looking for pilots who fancy beer fleets, fight nights, and generally getting ■■■■ done.

We are here for the fun of the game but also to enjoy the community.

And I think I got drunk and recreated the alliance so we are also recruiting corporations too!

Anyhow you can hit us up in the FREGE channel in game.

IF you are looking for contract work please contact bodycollecter

We are an organizing entity that uses the power of the free markets in EVE to assist pilots and corporations in making isk and growing thier membership.

Working together with common goals of playing internet spaceships casually.
Customer 5% tax
Citizen 4% tax
Contractor 3% tax
Ally 1% tax
Join FREGE and 0% tax
You can benefit from the system. Or you can remain a customer and just enjoy our company.
come talk with us!

Still at it - recruitment is open!

BOOM! Eh? Yo!

Recruitment Open.

We have an internal share program. That allows for each member to reap the rewards of working together through dividend payments.

These shares are not for sale to the General Public at this time. However, Members are given their shares based on participation in the quarter. I.E. Each corporate “mission” has a share value. Upon completing these missions you earn your shares.

Our last quarterly Share value was 9.62 Million isk per share. Current projected growth indicates an increase of 71% to 13.48 Million isk per share by end of next quarter.
1 Week before the end of each quarter we create 10 million new shares. This dilutes the shares for inactive members but offers real compensation for active members. Allowing for a residual income for members based on corporate goals and achievements.

Would you like to know More?

Join FREGE channel ingame.

We currently have the following positions available.

  1. Security- Description as follows, Mining op security, Trade Route security, Low Sec Pipeline controllers.

  2. Marketing - Description as follows, Buy Sell, Market Manipulation, and corporate contracting.

  3. Industrialist - Description as follows. Mine, manufacture, Research,

  4. Logistics - Description as follows, Move M3 from one location to the other.

  5. Military - Description as follows To ensure the protection of FREGE assets, To conquer and obtain new resources for FREGE, Must be able to work with contractors. And understand Strategy.

  6. Aquisitions - Description as follows to secure assets for FREGE through financial means. Able to work on diplomatic problems that FREGE projects face from time to time. Recruit human resources that are needed for FREGE profits to be maximized.

  7. Trade - Must be willing and/or able to learn the ins and outs of the FREGE system of Trade that creates our profits.

  8. Grinders - Description as follows. these are pilots/corps that run PI/ Missions/ etc that are commonly referred to as the grind.

We are looking for Corporations or Individuals who fit any of the descriptions aforementioned. Understand that we are a RL first organization that provides a vast content for people playing the game. With the intent of Profits and organization. So that our members can enjoy the aspect of EVE they want too.

Remember every pilot/corp gets paid for their services. We are a corporation that is set up to make profits. We don’t do handouts to the public. However, By pooling our resource of time and interlinking players we are able to assist players in reaching thier goals in the game much quicker than they could by themselves.

If you are interested in playing internet spaceships with a well oiled machine. That only cares about fun and enjoyment of the game. With a great group of people. Hit us up in the FREGE channel .

Thank You,

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