Freki 40 bil

I need some isk to buy a freki for 40 bil from a guild mate, and a good salesman to sell it for a lot more.

I need about 32 bil to cover the 40 bil bo he wants, and I’d prefer you are also good as pushing prices in forums to be able to sell it for me.

I want half the profit when sale is complete.

Tell your friend to contract the freki to me ingame, I will then sell it and split with you 50/50

Ok give me a minute

40b is nothing
you can sell it for 100b+

He will contract me for 40 bil, not someone else. So I need 32 bil, and then you can sell it and give me half, And keep your part.

I know. He also said I can sell it for a lot more on forum, but I’m not good at knowing prices.

Since I have no real way to judge if this is a trick or not. I will prob have a buyer within the next few hours for over 100bil. But I will need proof of the Freki. Can we talk in-game?

Yes we can. I will be back on Monday, and I can tell him you want proof :slight_smile: Will that work?. I’m on a 3 day job now.
So over 100 bil :). That’s about 25-30 bil for me after sale?

I mean its a 50/50 split so at least 50bil, If you can get him to contract to you and then you contract to me for the isk required to pay him I can do that.

Yea sounds good to me. I will talk to him later again.

I’ll buy it for 100 bil

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Yea 3 ppl wanted to buy it but i still have not found anyone to help me get the last isk to first get it from my friend.

Missing 26 bil. i pay back 30 from that when you sell the ship.

I can do it, but first you need to send me 4 billion so i can free up my 30 billion from my corporate accounts

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gave 2 bil to another guy who needed it to know im not tricking, so nah you the same guy?

Nope, but why would i send you 40b when i don’t know if you’re tricking me or not?

@Solonius_Rex I summon thee

well 24.5 bil now.( thats why i would give a very nice proffit, and even let you find a buyer) but it seems i just have to wait forever to get the isk and sell it myselfe. Its just a pain to get my hands on the isk alone ( working on it meanwhile though)

Everyone enjoy your 24.5 bil rifter.

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Oh boy, where do i start.

First off, this is in the wrong section of the forums. This is not a trade. You are not offering anything, because you dont have anything.

Secondly, judging by how your deal fell through with the previous guy who said he would need proof that the Freki even exists, im guessing you couldnt provide the proof and he backed out.

But why is he selling you it for only 40 bill?

I have been summoned.