Freyja Syndicate - Fly free, fly FREAS

FREAS is a well established corp within The Bastion. We strive for excellence, pushing ourselves to be Bastions finest in all fields, whilst still maintaining a “do what you want” atmosphere. Fun is our primary objective, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver it.
Whether you want to be an ace PVP’er or a tycoon of industry, FREAS has the ability to make it happen.

In summary, we offer:

  • Regular PVP in all 3 timezones (small, medium, large scale) including our own inhouse FC’s
  • Access to the best ratting space there is out there.
  • multiple high quality moons (and moon mining ops by extent)
  • Vast array of production centre’s spread across 2 regions, as well as a fully stocked Imperium market hub
  • Highly knowledgeable player-base, learn from some of the most experienced players out there. (plus we like a good laugh)
  • Alliance services - SRP, Comms, etc

We do however, expect a few things from prospective members:

  • Attitude - strive to be a contributing member, we aren’t interested in players looking for a free pass
  • Adaptibility - we fly doctrines, we expect our members to be able to fly at least 1 ship in every doctrine
  • Activity - we want you to be around! (RL first though)

If we sound like a solid fit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can be reached via the following:

  • Our public channel, FREAS.Public
  • Contact Teufort (EU) or Gabriel Liebmeister (NA) in game!

v cool

Freas is always looking for the best out there!

come check us out

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