Freyja Syndicate [FREAS] - Nullsec Hooligans and Such (Imperium)


Ever since its inception Freyja Syndicate has continuously on the hunt for new and returning players looking to prove themselves the best in the fields of industry, exploration, trade, and PVP at all levels. We strive to achieve and solidify our position as not only one of the best corporations in The Bastion but in New Eden as a whole. We would be more than happy to have you along for the ride in any capacity

What we can offer you:

  • Active players in all TZ’s
  • Consistent small, medium and large scale pvp with a multitude of doctrines allowing you to participate regardless of many or how little SP you have and what role you like to fill
  • High skilled and experienced members ready, willing, and able to teach you the tips and tricks of the trade regardless of what it is
  • Access to Imperium exclusive market systems as well as an incredibly reliable logistics service ensuring you will always have what you need
  • Secure space allowing you to make ISK without having to look over your shoulder as much
  • Can’t afford that ISK making machine you really want? No worries FREAS can help pay for it and get you on your feet and on your way to becoming the next Eve Trillionare
  • Corp/alliance Discord, TS and Coalition Mumble.

What we ask from you:

  • Some experience with flying or willingness to learn about flying in fleets
  • Participation in at least five pinged fleets every month
  • Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with one another
  • Must register for an ESI background check and schedule an interview before admittance
  • Willing to learn and better yourself for your benefit and the benefit of your peers around you
  • Must train into at a minimum one ship from every alliance and coalition doctrine

If you are interested in joining or have any other questions about us feel free to join our public channel FREAS.Public or message any of the following people:
Gabriel Liebmeister
Wes S
Kainda Aulx-Gao

Welcoming all members new and old

Recruitment still open

Still looking for members feel free to send a message if interested

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Always looking for new members

Recruitment still open

Still on the search

Feel free to come ask some questions in our public channel FREAS.Public

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Come join our channel FREAS.Public and chat with us


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