Experienced player looking to settle down in EvE


I am a player who has had nearly 13 years experience in the game and has done the whole 7 account multibox thing and gotten extremely tired of it (I suppose I am the typical bitter vet).

Now i just have the two characters, being this one and one other. I have had many accounts in the past but I wanted to reduce the workload of having all of them and go down to having just the one or two. Left the game around a year and a half ago after becoming the Bitterest of vets, but decided to come back to the game just over a year ago.

I am determined not to turn this game into a job again and thus am looking for an easy going corp or alliance in nullsec, one which has good logistics, a decent market place and an easy going attitude to participation. That’s not to say I don’t like PvP, I do enjoy wars and fleet combat, but I would rather just mind my own business, make isk and chill on coms. Active coms are important to me as well as playing with a group of people who don’t mind chatting about anything and everything.

Like in real life, I find it very, very difficult to settle down, which is evidenced by my corp history lol, but I really, really want to find that special place in eve that I can call home. I believe in treating people with respect at all times and pretty much behave in game like I do in real life. Unlike in EvE, I have never shot anyone in real life though! LMAO!

So, can anyone offer me what I am looking for? No faction (alliance) is out of the question for me, just as long as I can get most of what I said above. Feel free to contact me in game or reply to this post.

Kind regards.

Hey Qpid,

If you’re interested of doing a little bit of everything, look us up… Vontrap Family Crackheads.

We’re a chill corp that operates both null and lowsec. No pressure is required from members, just find your niche and have fun. We have good logistics, corp alone has 2 JF’s… our market still needs improvement but logistics makes up for it. We offer mining / ratting / LP from FW.

If you’re interested or have questions.
Message IGN: Manny Packman / Jammer0331 / GroundZro / Tom Karyon

Fly safe!

Tbh, PH might be a good retirement home for you, can’t think of any group more casual with all the check boxes you want

Yeah, I can understand that sentiment, but to be honest, I would prefer a corp or alliance that has a more robust recruitment process.

The thought of getting Awoxed makes me not want to undock anything shiney.

Hey we here at Freyja Syndicate would love to talk more about your situation. We can offer that laid back attitude with out getting too laid back to the point of complacency. I’ll leave our forum post linked below feel free to message me in game with any additional questions you may have.

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