Looking for established PVP corp (Hi/Low/Null/WH), currently 15 mil sp (small stuff, frigs, dessy)

Hi All,

I’m looking to join a group of like minded players and blow up the space ships we all enjoy (mine included).

Some comments about me:

  1. I’ve played eve for a long time, but have been getting back to pvp over the past year or so. Primarily low sec.
  2. I’m totally fine with DIAF, in fact I prefer to take risks even if the fight won’t work out.
  3. My funding in the game is to the extent that I can lose about 1 bil per week as it currently stands. That’s slowly raising as my industry work continues.
  4. I run 3 accounts, though I prefer to only pvp and focus on one character. Not to say that I haven’t fleeted up the other 2 for scouting or general shenanigans in the past.
  5. Adult irl, thus work, kids, family time etc. I view Eve as a game, which I probably play too much of, but irl comes first. Work can be a bit intense, but I typically can be on from around 0300-0600 eve time reliably throughout the week. Weekends may extend longer than that.
  6. DC is trained in most small stuff, working on rounding that out and completing support skills.

Current projects:

  1. Working on getting kills in every hull starting from the small hulls and going up (assuming the hull has combat bonuses).
  2. Continuously improving my industry game-play (and market analysis).

What I’m looking for:

  1. I want a corp that fights often, takes risky fights, and doesn’t mind how it ends up.
  2. As far as what type of space, I’m flexible with basically one major rule. I want to be able to replace the stuff that I get blown up, logistics wise. So whether that’s solved by proximity to trade hubs or high quality logistics it doesn’t bother me.
  3. I want to have fun gate camps along with roams. Some nights it’s just nice to chill on a gate and drink a beer, let the fish come to you so to speak.
  4. If I go to null, I might consider bringing some of my industry capability with me, but I would have to figure out the numbers on that first.
  5. If I go to low sec, for gate camps I’ll train up an alt (or both) for logi reps or some other neutral support role.

Fighting styles that I enjoy (in terms of solo):

  1. Brawl >= Scram kite > Kite > Other kinds of stuff
  2. I do enjoy support roles, logi, ewar etc as well, but my skills need some catching up for that.

Feel free to ask me any questions, I’ll answer them here so that other recruiters can read them as well.


The Exchange Collective

Hi, Choad. We are a PvP-focused Industrial Corporation, part of SLYCE, one of the oldest Industrial Alliances in New Eden and one of the founding influences of SPECTRE Fleet. We make things happen, both on the markets and on the grid, in combat fleets. We are a mature group of pilots. CEO is 50 Years old, most Pilots in the Corp are professionals, aged 30+

Working with us, you will have access to multiple daily fleets at the Alliance and Coalition level, with tons of action and major combat, ranging from Small Gang Roams on up to truly massive Fleet Battles, with thousands of participants on grid.

When not out there having fun in a Combat Hull, there’s plenty of ISK to be made from T1/T2/T3 Manufacturing, Market Seeding, PI, Reactions, Blueprint Copying, Ratting and many other things. You can continue to ramp up your Manufacturing income with us, as we operate one of the finest Industrial complexes in the Coalition, located a single jump from both Regional Market Hubs.

EVE-Mail Corvar Estidal in game if you’re interested in finding out more.

Website: The Exchange Collective

Killboard: Corporation Killboard

Why don’t you give us a look we might be a good fit for eachother

Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

Who are we

★ Leadership which has been around Eve since beta
★ A leading PvP corp
★ Members with experience of many wars in Eve including some of the largest battles Eve has ever seen
★ Averaging 1000+ kills a month with 90%+ kill efficiency ratio
★ Tight-knit friendly community
★ Member of Initiative Mercenaries alliance based in the Fountain/Querious regions

Why us

★ No drama
★ Experienced and helpful members who enjoy PvP
★ Content rich. Frequent fleets with a variety of PvP styles
★ Experienced corp and alliance FCs
★ Great ISK making opportunities in our home regions

We offer

★ Content Rich Nullsec Regions
★ Alliance Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Corp Fleet Roams (free ships)
★ Massive Alliance Fleet Battles
★ Industrial support
★ A community focused on teamwork
★ Opportunities to be part of epic, game-changing battles
★ Great corp and alliance logistics to help you get what you want where you need it


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Mumble)
★ Discord
★ Some combat experience

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate
Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

Contacts: Nakito Kobara, Dawnbreaker Okaski or Alignat.

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