Friendly and Helpfull player looking for corp (GER)

Hello EVE community,

i am looking for a corp (ENG/GER) where i can have a great time.
I prefer helping newish player in every kind.
I have done everything in EVE already and i think i can be very helpfull for newish player.

Just contact me direktly ingame please!


We are looking for newbie Guides! Click Here for our post. or contact one of us in-game and we can have a chat!

Arujj o7

[.l2p.] You’re Dead Fool is looking for YOU

We aim to be a chill, relaxed, PvP oriented Corporation flying under the Banner of the “Warped Intentions” Alliance that is part of the Legacy Coalition. We try to take every fight we can and have a “shoot first, think later” mentality. We roam around lot in every part of New Eden, forming in our Alliance Home or Jita. Usually we do Small Gang and/or Nanogang Fleets in Alliance on almost a Daily Basis. If you are into Bigger Fleets and/or Capital PvP you can Participate the Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets.

What we offer:
• Almost Daily Roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets/OPs
• Alliance Level Capital PvP
• Safe Space for Ratting and Mining
• Relaxed and tight knit Community

What we require:
• Friendly attitude
• Omega clone state
• Working Mic
• Loki trained / in training

Bonus points for:
• FAX/Dread alts
• Scouts/Dictor alts
• Logi V

If you feel we might be a good fit for you hit us up on our Discord or Meassage one of our Recruiters in game:

EU tz: Gallente Citizen 93502323
US tz: Gralek Mena / Xentriq
AU tz: 3xAWarpNinja Hilanen

I am interested! can you add me ingame so when i came on today you can just talk to me =)

Dann schreibe ich dir mal.

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