Fringeland Industrial needs founders and directors!

Fringeland Industrial seeks to create centers so that members can engage in all of EVE within a single corporation, not just SOV Null or wormholes. We are starting with a primary center in Low Sec (mostly for ice mining and fuel block production), followed by a center in NPC Null. These centers will need logistics support and provide an opportunity to start building a Security Group. Since we plan to build all of our own resources, we will need to develop a significant industrial group to keep the ship replacement and structure construction programs running. From there, it’s on to wormholes and then Sov Null!

If you are interested in building such a corporation, contact Fringeland Industrial today!

Recruiting is still open and we’re growing!

Just set up our Low Sec Athanor, so we’re looking for security pilots along with miners and industrialists. We have access to all minerals, including Megacyte, and some very interesting reaction materials.

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