Fully Researched BPO Price CHeck

Greetings. I have all of the following BPO;s researched 10/20.
Looking to sell the entire bundle. Looking for a price check. I know how much I spent to get these all done, just not sure how much to sell them for. Thanks

• 5MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint
• Capital Scalar Capacitor Unit Blueprint
• Arbitrator Blueprint
• Atron Blueprint
• Capital Quantum Microprocessor Blueprint
• Capital Scalar Capacitor Unit BlueprintX3
• Capital Superconductor Rails Blueprint
• Caracal Blueprint
• Catalyst Blueprint X5
• Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint
• Deep Core Mining Laser I Blueprint
• Drone Navigation Computer I Blueprint
• Explosive Armor Hardener I Blueprint
• Fusion Reactor Unit Blueprint
• Helium Fuel Block Blueprint
• Hydrogen Fuel Block Blueprint
• Ice Mining Laser I Blueprint
• Incursus Blueprint
• Information Command Burst I Blueprint
• Iteron Mark V Blueprint
• Kestrel Blueprint X2
• Kinetic Armor Hardener I Blueprint
• Large Core Defense Field Purger I Blueprint
• Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster I Blueprint x2
• Large EM Shield Reinforcer I Blueprint
• Maller Blueprint
• Medium Shield Extender I Blueprint
• Mining Foreman Burst I Blueprint
• Moa Blueprint
• Nereus Blueprint
• Nitrogen Fuel Block Blueprint
• Omen Blueprint
• Procurer Blueprint
• Punisher Blueprint
• Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher I Blueprint
• Shield Flux Coil I BlueprintX2
• Simple Asteroid Mining Crystal Type B I Blueprint X5
• Skirmish Command Burst I Blueprint
• Strip Miner I Blueprint
• Talwar Blueprint
Vexor Blueprint

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