All BPO’s are researched to perfection (ME10 TE20)

Antimatter Charge L Blueprint 8.500.000
Antimatter Charge M Blueprint 8.000.000
Antimatter Charge S Blueprint 7.000.000
Arkonor Mining Crystal I Blueprint 7.500.000
Bistot Mining Crystal I Blueprint 8.000.000
Breacher Blueprint 30.000.000
Core Probe Launcher I Blueprint 17.500.000
Crokite Mining Crystal I Blueprint 5.500.000
Dark Ochre Mining Crystal I Blueprint 5.500.000
Expanded Probe Launcher I Blueprint 17.500.000
Gneiss Mining Crystal I Blueprint 5.000.000
Hobgoblin I Blueprint 4.000.000
Hornet EC-300 Blueprint 8.000.000
Incursus Blueprint 33.000.000
Iteron Mark V Blueprint 90.000.000
Kryos Blueprint 90.000.000
Medium Armor Maintenance Bot I Blueprint 8.000.000
Miasmos Blueprint 95.000.000
Multifrequency M Blueprint 14.000.000
Scourge Torpedo Blueprint 17.500.000
Small Tractor Beam I Blueprint 8.000.000
Spodumain Mining Crystal I Blueprint 6.500.000
Spodumain Mining Crystal I Blueprint 6.500.000
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Ship BPO’s every industrial powerhouse should own :grinning:

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200M for these 4?

Thank you for your offer however my BPO’s are already cheaper then on contracts.
I can do a total price of 225m for the selected BPO’s.

Unfortunately I’ve got an expensive shopping habbit.
I’ve taken the liberty to make a contract should you not be interested you can reject it.


what price for all?

Thank you =)

What can you arrange for me if I buy the lot

my apologies several have been sold already

“oh look a shiny star!” “euhm nope that’s not a star it’s an inbound missile”
Buy my blueprints or PLEX and follow your guiding star

ill take
Vigil Blueprint - 35m
Crucifier Blueprint - 27.5m
Burst Blueprint - 30m

Thank you Sokar Herra your order has been contracted

thank you pleasure doing business with you :slight_smile:

Ill take the Drake bpo

Thank you Natalie Annages your order has been contracted

PLEX available for your enjoyment. Buy it so I can change my wardrobe.

how many plex u got?

Hi Mad Vemane I’ve got enought to sub your accounts for 5 months or to buy a lot of nice ships :slight_smile:

complete your collection with these fine BPO’s
Follow your guiding star in becoming an industrial powerhouse

build T1 quality products with these fine blueprints.

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