Fun cool NPSI corp looking for new members to help grow

The Clones is an experimental corp designed for everyone to participate in. If you can create a new character, you can join. However, all members MUST conform to our naming policy. No exceptions.


Recruitment is currently OPEN for everyone. No one is required to provide any character checks or other Eve names to join. All capsuleer names must start with two capital letters, followed by a dash, followed by two numbers. No spaces. For example: VG-74

Any application that does not follow this format will be rejected!


We are an NPSI (Not Purple, Shoot It) corp. We specialize in fleet pvp all over New Eden. We will never have standings toward any players, corps, or alliances. We consider everyone who is not in this corp a hostile target. We will not own any structures, therefore we will never be involved in any wars. We strive to create a fun, care-free environment for anyone in Eve to login and enjoy spaceship battles.

We are a content provider. We are not a high-sec gank squad. We are not a training corp.

It is expected that everyone in this corp has a means of funding themselves with their other accounts and characters. There will be occasional ship handouts, but the bulk of our fleets will be what you can afford to bring. We are currently looking to build up a member base with qualified and respected FCs to lead. It may take several months for us to get to that point, so create and JOIN NOW to train up your capsuleer to his or her potential.

The future of this corp is unknown… it could become as big as Eve wants it to be.

Join our public channel ZZ-99 for any questions or concerns.

recruitment bumpage

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don’t bother

You do realize the concept here? LOL I’m a newly created alt for a new NPSI alt corp with a strict naming convention. I’ve only been training, but thanks anyway.