FUN Inc. - Putting the fun back into EVE


Fun guys seeking likeminded for fun!

Bump for more FUN guys!

Did i mention that i am a tall CEO & FC?

I also drink far too much tea.

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cheeky sunday night roam… and look at what we killed… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad for 6 in fleet :stuck_out_tongue:

Come check us out! 07

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We are running an npsi roam this saturday… if you fancy coming along for some FUN … head on over here!!

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Looking for more friends to join us!


Did i mention… we also do npsi roams too!!

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Bump! Stilll looking for nullsec small gang pvpers!!

Bump for some new guys!

Heres a quick vid of some recent content with FUN inc

Fly Safe… fly FUN!

BUMPING great group to roam with :slight_smile:

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We are taking recruits… our roster is filling up nicely… come join us for some FUN!

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Bump for some new guys!


I’ll look on your website. :grinning:


Thx @Bruce_Kemp - pls do so!!
& bump for more potential candidates!