Furry Balls Re-Plopped Menacingly on the Table (FBRPM) <Factional Warfare and Pirating>

Here at Furry Balls Re-Plopped Menacingly On The Table LLC, we are are all about just simply enjoying our online gaming time.

We don’t care if you have eleventy billion skill points and know how to derpity derpy doo ta tiddy tum de derp. What we care about is attitude! We want fun people to fly with. If you care to hop into our comms and discuss which fine American Pislner beer has the richest and best taste, that would be cool. Perhaps you would select a fine Champagne of Beer or maybe a beer which has won a Blue Ribbon in the distant past? Maybe you’re from Europe, Canadia, or an Aussie and just want to make fun of American beer? That’s cool too!!! If you are from Canadia, don’t worry, we love talking about Maple Syrup, Goint Out for a Rip, and chopping down trees. If you’re from Australia we love Chicken Parm and yes we know you can’t tell the difference between an American and Canadian accent. So it’s cool mate! :smiley:

Maybe you want to discuss the finer points of some fits, that’s cool also. We’re not trying to take over Eve Online with macro filled spreadsheets while selling our souls to program some bots which ruin the game the same way which CCP is trying to by filling their development queue with a series of small enhancements year after year to milk the cow rather than making the game more immersive so that it will survive in the long term and ultimately actually be more fun. We don’t give a Cuff like the F word reversed. We just want to drink some beer (or choice alcohol, etc…) while pursuing our corp focus.

We don’t play this game to make money. We play it to learn from each other, have fun, and meet new people. We’re nice to everyone :slight_smile: Think of us like Rock and Roll… if you’ve got a problem with us, you’ve got a problem with yourself.

:pirate_flag:Join our Pirate Corp and dive into Factional Warfare and Trapping! :pirate_flag:

:rocket: Looking for experienced pilots and newbros alike with a desire to pvp :rocket:

:skull_and_crossbones:We kill through factional lines indiscriminately :skull_and_crossbones:

:mantelpiece_clock:USTZ afternoons but looking to expand :mantelpiece_clock:

:crossed_swords:Must have comms and a PVP focus :crossed_swords:

:bulb:Always open to new ideas :bulb:

Influenced by the ideas of nomadism we don’t believe in overhead. It is our goal to turn pilots into self-sufficient Fleet Commanders ready for a good time!

:speaking_head: Join the Discord and hop into comms and we’ll get you set with basic corp info! :speaking_head:

Fight Club (English) <


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