Fury Cruise Missiles for Missions?

My understanding of Eve mechanics is sometimes spotty. I know there are knowledgeable people on these forums, though.

I have tried using fury light missiles on the SOE epic arc and they seemed to apply less damage than the regular light missiles, even to cruiser sizes opponents. Today, I tried fury cruise missiles against the final boss in the Amarr Epic Arc - Harkans Behemoth. The fury cruise missiles applied noticeably less damage than the regular cruise missiles. These Tech II missiles have a shorter range and more of a dependence on signature radius than the Tech I missiles - is the signature radius penalty so significant that it cannot apply full damage even to battleships?

I suppose I could check this in Pyfa, but I wouldn’t know where to get the stats for the NPC.

From how I understand it, if your target has a sig radius of say 150, and your missiles have an explision radius of 300 then they will only do 50% of the damage, so essentialy you need an explosion radius the same or less than the target for it to apply properly.

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Yes. Basically, to targets of the same size, the effective damage of the missile (before resistances) is ± ED = damage × missile_signature / target_signature.
If you look at the fury damage/missile_sig you’ll notice this ratio is LOWER than the one for eg CN cruise missiles.

Actually some BS NPC are actually not even 100% applied with fury rapid heavy missiles and need one or two guidance computers.

So a good thing is to fit target painters, and/or guidance computer, and/or rigor/flare rigs.
Remember that some named rats are immune to painter ; but otherwise most BS should go down quicker, once painted and with a correct ship, with fury than with CN.
also remember that a few BS have bonus to missile precision : eg raven navy or typhoon. The explosion speed bonus are actually very relevant when shooting BS, but a bit less when shooting cr and smaller because then the signature is more damaging than the speed (yes speed also impacts the formula, but a bit less)

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Worth reading in general if you use missiles.


Furies need some help with application. Try some rigs, Rigors/flares, or modules missile guidance computers/enhancers to increase your missiles application, and a target painter to increase the target’s sig. A web or grappler can help but in general you won’t be that close to most targets with a battleship.

if you are going to be shooting a lot of smaller things then faction or precision ammo can help a lot.

I dunno the best way do to stack the buffs these days but a few buffs on each should give pretty good application.

So do a lot of people bother with the T2 cruise missiles? Seems like it would be a lot more straightforward to stick with T1s - especially since both of the T2 variants have reduced ranges.

as always : it depends.
fury are designed to shoot target bigger than you, or targets of same size painted, webbed, prepared.

There is no “one size fits all”.

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Fury cruise range on typhoon is 134km… I don’t remember missions that require more range than that.

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