Futura Corporation [FU-CO] - Your Destiny Awaits

About us
Futura Corporation is strategically based in Villore where we operate primarily. “Solidarity” Tax is set at 1% for all it´s Corporation Members and future Alliance Partners. Corporation Advert: Futura Corporation - Your Destiny Awaits, CEO and Founder: Gleburcz Kartir, Corporation Founded 23.2.2021
Our goals

  • full maximum member capacity (12 600)
  • dominate High Security Regions (Corporation Structures Network - Offices…, Fight Power, Trade, Industry…), create Alliance (unite with other Corporations - become as one)
  • Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement - expand to others security status regions and dominate here too
    What we offer
    Prosperity & Stability in long term, Buyback program for Miners (in progress) - i own Orca, Great Community - it is all about Us, Members and CEO - We are Strong Minded so Truth, Honor and Loyalty comes at first
  • all corporation members can observe Cash Flow in Corporation Wallet
    We are hiring…
    Players from All Careers, Multipurpose focused - Fighters, Haulers, Miners, Traders, Explorers but Lecturers (Teachers) too… so we can learn and improve
    Why we set up on all filters in Corporation Advert?
    If we interested you and you play in LowSec, Null or doing Abbys or simply you don´t want move in HighSec, you can stay where you are and do what you enjoy. I guarantee as we will grow in numbers you will find members with same interests. So you can group together and still be part of our Futura Corporation. Sure, It takes time
    Join Us and help us to fullfill our Destiny (mission, goals). Be part of Great Community.
    Take Care, Fly Safe and Have Fun with us!