Galactica. [GALAC] Is recruiting Corporations!


Galactica. Is Recruiting Corporations!

We currently have no requirements for corporations, Anyone can join \o/

What We Offer:

Alliance HiSec Moons,
Some PVP Content - wars and such
Assets in NPC Nullsec.

What we are looking for:

We are currently looking for HiSec corps that specialize in Industry/Production/Mining
We are hoping to expand our alliance and reach a new potential.

More Info

Galactica. was created with an aim to accept anyone and any corp - Most alliances including HiSec alliances require corps to meet specific standards, like being active and having a good chunk of members. IMO that is tough on small corps and casual players.

Galactica. will accept almost anyone. Look at it this way, if you are a small industry corporation based in HS and cant afford proper Infrastructure, This is the place to be, we offer moons and Alliance wide buyback. Totally better than being solo. \o/

If you’re interested please head over to our Discord Channel!


still recruiting :slight_smile:

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