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So I noticed fuzzwork offers an API for current prices including a weighted average which im guessing is the best indicator of current prices if you want to figure for large sales or purchases…

anyway its been… forever really sicne I tried to do any programming and I mostly use excel although I may expand at some point to something else

Can I use this to JUST get the weighted average of a sell or a buy order? say item 34 to make it easy…

if I want it narrowed down to 1 cell I would assume I can use the filterxml(webservice( stuff… for instance:


I am unsure the xpath Id need yet to narrow it down to 1 cell however

the concatentate is in there so I can change the 34 to a cell ID later

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hmmm may be better to just figure out how to edit a URL in a powerquery, atm my powerquery loads this:


Which is all teh PI stuff… may be better to just be able to add or remove items from that URL if thats possible, then it all would be in 1 pull vs many pulls which would eat up resources for no real reason

and I probably wont ever need to edit it much, mainly Im thinking for forward compatibility if CCP adds or changes crap lol

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If you use Google Sheet you could use this function:

* Query's Fuzz market API for the given types
* @param {range} A vertical range of type_ids.
* @return maxBuy and minSell for each type_id
* @customfunction
function fuzzApiPriceData(type_ids) {
  if (!type_ids) throw 'type_ids is required';
  var type_ids = Array.isArray(type_ids) ? type_ids.map(function(id) { return id[0]; }) : [type_ids];
  var fuzz_price_data = JSON.parse(UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://market.fuzzwork.co.uk/aggregates/?station=60003760&types=" + type_ids.join(',')));
  return [['minSell', 'maxBuy']].concat(type_ids.map(function(type_id) { return [parseFloat(fuzz_price_data[type_id]['sell']['min']), parseFloat(fuzz_price_data[type_id]['buy']['max'])]; }));

Then can give it a range of type_ids like =fuzzApiPriceData(A1:A100)

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what you want to do, I’d suggest, is have it pull the details from a series of cells, and assemble the url.

If you look at the advanced version of the script (which is a script, rather than just the steps) you can see the url. And you can hit sheet cells from there, assembling the list.

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TY! Thats exactly the sort of thing I was looking for :slight_smile:

so 1 other section I am doing makes it so it will automatically load up how many planets are available… to do this I obviously need to bust out the SDE…

I am using mapsolarsystems to do a search for solarsystemid basically a indexfunction with a match for the J id but it will work for any solarsystem id really…

I havent done this part yet, as it it got late and I needed sleep :slight_smile:

But Im planning on using mapdnormalize to match how many items in that category have the correct solar system as well as groupID 7?? I think anyway it counts matches between planets and solarsystemID

I’ll use the same general idea to list said planets and get their types so I can have an accurate option of planets in the worksheet…

I’ll probably get into vbscript and program it using SQL code since I dont think there is a good way to do this in excel without vbscript…

Anyway, is there a better way to achieve this in your opinion?

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I’d suggest using an odbc connection with sqlite.

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I thought of that but the only catch is if I want to give the excel worksheet to others… unless I just host the files on a webserver I guess.

but at that point I may as well teach myself a real programming language and do the thing correctly :confused:

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not that vbscript isint real I suppose but not very practical outside of excel :slight_smile:

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So if I decide to give in and do it properly… what language should I teach myself?

I’ll be honest here, I mostly teach myself everything… back in highschool and some college was the last time I really programmed I think…

I knew HTML pretty well along with CSS of course… I wasnt the best with jscript, ok I sucked at it lol… and I had a workable knowledge in php… mainly so I could edit wordpress sites.

I was pretty good in excel vbscript back in the day, Ive forgotten a lot since its been years but it is coming back to me as I work… some slower than I like but it is coming back to me.

So with that in mind if I want to make my PI helper properly, what language would you reccomend I do it in, since I’ll probably be teaching myself along the way I’m open to suggestions.

Basically I’ll need the program to interact with SDE, possibly ESI ( I see no reason yet but may as well be a language that I can)

If Im writing it from scratch I may as well make it so it can be accessed in a website but Im open to anything here really.

So what language should I start learning to do this properly

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