Importing Market data to GoogleSheets

I’ve been trying to import prices onto google sheets to have a list at hand, for a corporate buyback program.

The trouble I’m having is using ImportHTML/ImportJSON(using a JSON script) I cant seem to figure out how to import the values.

Preferably using Evemarketer as the source.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use the Fuzzworks API. Here’s the link for his Excel use …

Somewhere on the site is a script for using Google sheets but I can’t quickly find it. I use a modified version of Steve’s script for my prices spreadsheet which feeds all my stock, industry & trading sheets. I’ve used this method for quite a while and it just works … mostly :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve had more and more scheduled script failures to the point where I’m considering switching to CCP’s ESI, I have some knowledge of this but need to put in some work to properly research it.

I don’t know why the requests to Steve’s API keep failing, could be the load on his system(s), could be Google’s fault, could be the size of my API requests.

See Help with Google Sheets xml call.

I’ve not been seeing any problems on my side.

If you’re loading in a lot of data, depending on how you’re doing it, you may be running into google’s 20,000 web call a day.

Ok ta for the answer. My scripts were running fine, roughly for over a year, with only the very seldom fail, up to about 2 or 3 months ago. I hadn’t changed the number of IDs I was querying, in fact to try and sort it I’ve trimmed a few off.

I run 5 scripts, once per day, about 900 IDs in each web query, don’t know what that totals as in terms of web calls tho.

The scripts get … [‘TypeID’,‘Buy volume’,‘Buy Weighted Average’,‘Max Buy’,‘Min Buy’,‘Buy Std Dev’,‘Median Buy’,‘Percentile Buy Price’,‘Sell volume’,‘Sell Weighted Average’,‘Max sell’,‘Min Sell’,‘Sell Std Dev’,‘Median Sell’,‘Percentile Sell Price’]

Is each field a “web call” ? If so u may be right, but it had been working and some days I don’t see any problems. Usually the error(s) I get back is a timeout.

May I ask how you get scripts for those statistics? That would be sweet.

This is Steve’s stuff from his awesome site

The blog entry …

The script …

This has been invaluable to me, I’ve modded mine a few times to suit how I work but steve did all the heavy lifting.

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