Google Sheet price Import

(Korban Reed) #1

Hi All,

A while back I used to use the “ImportXML” in google sheets, to import prices from EvE central. Now it no longer working (a past update i believe).

=IMPORTXML(, “/eve/price”)

Could anyone suggest an easy way to import a couple of prices without having to use scripts and such, as to be honest that isn’t a skill of mine.

As you can see the above “importxml” was very easy to use.


(Steve Ronuken) #2

importxml is easy to use, yes.

However, it’s not really going to get you any where these days.

However, you’re in luck.

Goes through how to get google sheets loading prices. And updating them on demand (kinda. It’s pulling from my site, which updates once every 30 minutes or so. just be careful around downtime, as that can cause issues.)

(Blacksmoke16) #3

I’d check Nuadi’s script out. Should work better than the raw importXML from eve-central.