How to set up an Industry Google Spreadsheet? API stops importing

after getting back into EVE I thought lets give industry a try again, however I noticed that all my old spreadsheets stopped working since the API(I think it was CREST back in the day?) is not supported anymore.

I started to work on new spreadsheets with the evemarketer API and Google Docs, everything seems to work fine but the API stops importing every now and then with the following error:

Could not fetch URL:

Iam assuming there is some sort of limit as to how many queries I can do per day?

While Google Docs has an option for this(settings for spreadsheet->calculation->Recalculation on change/per min/per h) it doesnt seem to solve the issue.

I couldnt find a solution for this so far(changing between http/https solves it temporarily though), any help on how to avoid this would be much appreciated.

Yeah, this is broke AF, its a Google problem. Its been around for almost a decade now and Google doesnt seem to care. I’ve tried many different solutions, some work better than others but still fail eventually,

Well thats quite sad, thanks for the info though.

I use fuzzworks API …

Hope it helps. Alternatively, haven’t tries it yet but looks of interest …

EDIT: Just to be clear, I use the google sheets script with Fuzzworks API to download prices every morning. I don’t need up to the minute prices. The script is triggered automatically in the Google Scripts settings. It’s a bit clunky but works.

Ahh, if it’s specifically an issue with Google Docs, and you do not have a requirement for ‘from anywhere’ access… (or even if you do, i guess with a little extra effort), you could consider using something like Open Office which will still let you do all ‘the spreadsheeting’ but without the issues (though I haven’t tested it).


I dont think its an issue with the evemarketer API, it is rather on the google end. What probably does the trick is limiting the update frequency by script to a set time interval, Ill try that, thanks!

Yhea I prefer the convenience of Google Docs(especially for sharing with others), thanks for the input though.

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