FW, PvP, PvE & Indy - HiSec & LowSec - Join this corp!

Our corp has got a great team and are becoming very active, but you can never have too many friends.

We like to do FW, PvP, indy/mining and anything else whilst working as a unit. We are newbro and returning player friendly and can teach people how to PvP and make money.

We ask that you be willing to be on comms and in fleets. We want active people who are gonna be seen, heard and have fun! No drama llamas.

Looking to build the AU and strong in the US and EU.

IRL takes precedence, but when you sit down to relax and want a place to enjoy the game with some older nerds, who are allergic to drama, them come and say hello at Discord.

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Sounds like fun.

Hey @KilsWitcH - why don’t you DM me on Discord (MrJ4zzy) or in-game (Tojawara Isu). I have a new project you might like the sounds of. Fly safe! o7

Still building for bigger and better things. Message me in game or join the discord for a chat.


Looking for active people, willing to participate and use voice comms on Discord!

Our corp does not mandate fleets, so feel free to do other PvE activities. All we ask is for you to do it whilst chatting to your Corp/Alliance mates! Not 100% of the time, but often!

If you want to meet a good number of great people, learn/teach the game and do anything that the game can offer around High/Low Sec and Faction Warfare (CalMil), then reach out to me or pop into the discord.

Fly Safe-ish.

Still looking for more AU TZ pilots.

Feel free to have a chat even if you are inu the US and EU TZs.

flying whit these guys is awesome
if only to see how thay handel fw

Daily bump for more friends. Especially if you’re in the AU timezone, come and check us out.


If you want to play the game with active, older, zero drama, PvPer’s (FW) and/or work in our industry arm, come and have a chat in our Discord.

Still looking for more players in the AU TZ.
Come and have a chat.

Bring on the New Year in an active and helpful corp.

Still recruiting, we many great pilots across FW, PvE and Indy. Come and have a chat with us.


Come and have a chat.

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