Fwaming Dwagons is recruiting small gang PVPers! - US/EU

Fwaming Dwagons is now open for recruitment!!!

One of New Eden’s most notorious small gang PVP corporations is looking for new and old EVE pilots in the small gang PVP meta. Unlike many corporations we pride ourselves on keeping the toxic mindset out of the game and focus on pew pew and friendship.

  • No diplos
  • No blues
  • No mandatory fleets
  • No doctrines
  • We have full discord/teamspeak/seat/other services
  • No SRP, but there are TONS of isk making opportunities and corp sponsored ships for fun fleets
  • 300+ member discord community channels and we play other games and watch movies as a group. (everyone is very close and you will never be a number with us)

All new members are subject to a 30 day trial. Want to check us out before applying? Not a problem! Join us for a quick NPSI fleet and get a feel for how we play. You can also check out our Streamers channel and some of our youtube videos to get an idea of how we play and how we fight.

Join our discord today to learn more.




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