FYAD - The Last Corp You'll Ever Join! (Hopefully) USTZ/Lowsec

Eve is a game unlike any other. Many times over the years people have gone, only to return, seeking that thrill, to scratch that profound itch that only this game seems to hit. Eve is unique in so many ways, but one of the most ardent and compellingly esoteric things about it is the way you form bonds and relationships within the game. Whether it’s bonding over shredding enemy hulls piecemeal and allowing their corpses to float endlessly among the void, or melting ores down into minerals to complete projects, or even dispatching NPC’s with a series of furious missile salvos. This game creates great friends and bitter enemies.

By now, I’m sure you’ve read through dozens of threads of corporations all proclaiming pretty much the same thing: organization, lots of isk making opportunities, and strong leadership within an alliance. I’m not going to try and sell you on any of that stuff, because after playing for the last 15 years, everyone believes those are the most important thing to attracting people to their corporations.

Well, what the hell do I find important, then? Fun. Community. Getting off work and being excited to go home and play games with your friends. Being able to find something that is fun in-game that people in your group won’t shame you for doing. Taking t1 cruisers into lowsec and blowing up, and laughing about it. That’s the kind of environment I’ve fostered and cultivated in FYAD. I don’t care about your skill points, what major wars you were a part of, or how much ISK you bring to the table. FYAD is strictly built on the strength of community.

Our history is pretty long, going back to 2007 or so. I’ve written a somewhat succinct overview of our time in Eve on our website, and I won’t bore you with the details here. But, we have a lot of experience and quite a bit of wealth, and we know how to get things done in the game.

We live in Genesis/Kador Lowsec. We are at the crux of a ton of potential content for PvP, as well as Industry and PvE. We are situated very close to many Amarr missions from Level 1-5, as well as tons of mining opportunities nearby. We are primarily pvp focused, but we do have the ability for people to make a lot of ISK to fund it.

In a typical day we could be doing a number of things, but you’ll never hear any of us say “You can’t do that!”. Have a carrier you want to solo hunt with? Be my guest. There are no CTA’s, no required hours per week. We are here to have fun, not to make Eve into a terrible time drain. We are pretty strictly USTZ, and don’t have much going on before 01:00 Eve and 07:00 Eve

Here is what we offer to anyone looking to join:

  • Discord - Integral part of our community. It’s incredibly easy to setup (takes less than a minute) and is great for socialization, event notifications, and keeping up while you’re on the go. This is required for you to be registered on. If you’re joining a social corporation, you need to have the social part down.

  • Tons of experience to draw off of. We’ve been together for a very long time, and luckily some of our previous alliances instilled a willingness to help newbies into us that has become a key part of our identity. Questions? No problem.

  • Lots of corp infrastructure for Industry. If that’s your thing, you’ll have a ton of expensive tools to play with. Manufacturing slots, reaction citadels, blueprint copies, R&D. We have several citadels deployed.

So if you’re interested in a hassle-free experience in Eve with a bunch of guys and gals who prioritize fun and engaging content over killboard efficiency, isk/hr, and drinking kool-aid, FYAD might be a good fit for you. What do we require from you to join?

  • Good attitude, and ability to take a joke or laugh at yourself
  • Willingness to learn if you’re a new player
  • Discord
  • A quick background check through our SeAT instance.
  • Be able to fly one of the following currently or very soon: Bhaalgorn, Tempest Fleet Issue, Tengu, Guardian, Armor scorpion, or Legion.

If you’re interested or would like a little more information, feel free to get in contact with a recruit in the channel “Milkmen” or get a hold of one of the following people:

Maulthia - Or on Discord at Maulth#3255 or our corporation Discord at FYAD Eve Online

Best of luck in your search otherwise!

Great guys! From my time in eve I have run into my fair share of low tier groups.this is not one. Can definitely say Maulthia and crew provide a great casual environment. Very social and helpful. Great place to start your journey in new Eden!

Up we go

Up we go!

To the top!

Having tons of fun here, highly recommend. Chill, relaxed corp that has no drama / keeps busy.

Bumps! We’re actively recruiting :slight_smile: Join The Milkmen ingame to talk to a recruiter or reach out to Maulthia / Maulth#3255

Still recruiting!

Happily recruiting, mining, doing industry and lots of PVP! FYAD and NFG is an excellent place to hang out for plenty of activities and community!



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