FYADEMY - Highsec/Lowsec - New players welcome - huge range of activities [USTZ]

Welcome to the thread, friend. Thanks for taking time to peruse us. FYADEMY is first and foremost a corporation built with the idea that there is no wrong way to play Eve. Like exploration? Cool. Want to mine to build massive projects or just to make some money? We got you. Want to fly around trying to blow other people up and (likely) dying in the attempt? Sounds good to us. We enjoy all of these things as well, and so much more! The most important thing in Eve is your attitude and willingness to learn.

FYADEMY is the sister-corporation of The Milkmen [FYAD] which is a very old corporation currently in lowsec. FYADEMY lives fairly close to Amarr, near a highsec cluster bordering two distinct and active lowsec areas. Since it is an “academy corporation” we do specialize in teaching newer players, however, even veterans burned out on null politics or constant bickering amongst other entities have found homes here. What, you might ask, is available to pilots of FYADEMY?

  • Weekly highsec moons with a solid buyback program for asteroid ore and moon ore
  • Weekly invites to events with The Milkmen in lowsec
  • A free program that provides t1 frigs/destroyers for exploration, combat (PvP/PvE) and mining and the skillbooks to use them
  • Filaments and roams where we can all die spectacularly while having fun
  • Access to great industrial infrastructure to build, react, and partake in the deeper parts of industry
  • Organized mining ops with boosts
  • Organized mission running fleets, including level 5’s
  • Free BPC packs for industrialists (including up to battleship blueprints)
  • Wormhole daytripping for PvE (gas, mining, and running sites) as well as PvP
  • PI buyback will be coming soon!
  • Tailored skill plans to help you get the best out of your goals and projects

In short, we’re here to have fun. Eve has so many avenues available to us to have fun, it doesn’t make sense to not dabble your feet in as many as possible to see if you might like something. FYADEMY is not war eligible and will continue to remain so. So if you want somewhere to casually learn the ropes, or to come play with a group of friends that enjoy the game and enjoy doing a bit of everything, give us a shout? We only have two requirements.

  • Our one rule: Don’t be a dick. We’re all here to have fun.
  • Discord is required

That’s it! We don’t even blood type or background check you! We are mainly in the US time zone but will take players from every time zone. Alphas and Omegas alike are welcome.

If this interests you, feel free to join the channel “FYADEMY” in-game for more information, send an Evemail to “Maulthia”, or join our discord: FYADEMY


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