Galactic Acquisitions and Negotiations Corporation — Now Hiring!

Looking for a different kind of career in EVE? Bored of the daily grind, and tired of being poor? Have you considered a career in wealth acquisition? Today is the day!

Welcome to the Galactic Acquisitions and Negotiations Corporation! Here at G.A.N.C. we’re more than a simple corporation. We’re a group of pilots dedicated to acquiring the vast wealth of EVE.

There are thousands of pilots in EVE, and they have LOTS of ISK! Here at G.A.N.C., we’re looking for pilots with… very specific skills… and a willingness to use those skills to make the wealth of others, our wealth! Whether you mine, rat, build, or shoot, you’re a perfect candidate for our patented “3 Steps to Acquiring Their Wealth” program! With this program, in no time you’ll be working with miners, haulers, and ratters in EVE to acquire their wealth and transfer it to your pocket!

We offer a variety of content. From PVE (mining, indy, ratting) to PVP (small gang, fleets, roams, and more), we leverage these activities to build teamwork. But here at G.A.N.C. our #1 focus is wealth acquisition. If they have it, we want it… by any means.

What we offer:
— HS/LS/0.0 Activity
— New Pilot Friendly
— Content variety (PVE / PVP / ops / small gang & fleet activity)
— Discord

What we require:
— Activity. Log in, join in, participate!
— Discord and working mic
— Be team oriented. Be mature. No drama.

If you’re looking for something new in EVE, reach out! We’d like to hear from you!

:point_right: Join us in our in-game channel “GANC Public” or send a mail/convo to Gio Hara for more information about opportunities at G.A.N.C. We’re looking forward to acquiring wealth with you, by any means…

Still looking for those “specific skills”…

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