Galactic Fun Center And Pizzeria - Community Focused NullSec PVE Corp!

Looking for pilots join on the ground floor of a new, Sov NullSec based corp!

Galactic Fun Center & Pizzeria is a community first, nullsec based and PVE focused corp - we’re looking for members enthusiastic and willing to fleet up for:

- Ratting
- Missioning
- Exploration
- Wormhole Ops
- Mining
…And More!

We are also looking to expand into PVP territory, and are on the hunt for experienced vets or rookies looking to learn!

Community first means we look to establish a corp that is focused on coming together as a whole, to learn and teach each other, to provide an enviroment where anyone can participate, and a place to overcome challenges we couldn’t alone. Join Us!

In Game Channel: Pizza Pub

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