Galactic Rangers is recruiting

Galactic Rangers wants you.

Pilots of New Eden, we want you to fly with us. We are currently a high sec corp with some big ambitions. We are looking at moving to sov null very soon with a null sec alliance. If you want to get in on the start of something big come join us. Send me a PM here or evemail someone from our recruitment team that suits your TZ in game:

US: oopp123456789
EU: XOdysseyX
AU: Taco Sanchezz.

Corp requirements are:
18+ we dont have time for kids.
Be on comms and be willing to use different forms of comms, discord, team speak, slack etc.
Alpha or omega, we dont mind but omega is preferred.
No alarm clock ops but we want you to participate in strat ops within your timezone.
Have a sense of humor.

Taco Sanchezz
Galactic Rangers Recruitment department.

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