Small Corp Looking to Expand With Other Corps, Members, ETC

(John Rossworth) #1

We are a small Corp of only 6 very active members who like to do 3 things more than anything, make ISK, friends, and fun. Any player or Corp, wether alpha or omega, newbie or veteran, combative or industrial, who wants to be a part of a Corp from the ground floor, has come to the right place. Our Corp has a c3 wormhole although we are moving back to k-space until we get more members, 3 and soon to be 4 of our pilots can fly capitals and we have 2 dreads and a carrier. We also have a astrhaus, athanor, and ritaru. So send us a message if you or your Corp is interested.

(Rose Darksun) #2

pm’d you ingame

(rangerwolfy) #3


Find me sounds like it would benefit you to join Right Click Jump To.

Find me on discord and I’ll tell you everything I can offer rangerwolfy#4987

(system) #4

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