Small corp looking for 0.0 Home

Hello! Looking for an alliance for us to grow in. Just 3 dudes with a dream. Note it is not the corp this toon in in before y’all go make assumptions lol. Want to be apart of something bigger. Good split of PVP and Indy. All 3 dudes are higher SP dudes been around the block. Looking for someone who owns sov but small enough where the family feel is still around. I personally like to FC roams and that sorta stuff. So bonus points for some sort of FC program.Merging is not something we want to do. Plz pm me or respond with a discord link and il be in touch

Dear Leehos sloot

i know that dream we are there and we are living it how about you join my corp that way u have no hassel getting the contackt and contrackt things to sort out and we can set u up

Let me know what you want sent me a eve mail or contackt my recruter

greatings Number 2 Rin

Why sov and not wormholes? Especially with 3 guys


Add me on Discord, Twilight Winter#5000.

I can possibly give you a home in 0.0 mate - Come talk to me in GRIMM PUBLIC

Hey Bud, Welcome back to eve. Little about us :
Trigger Happy.
Most active and fun pvp corp
Good isk making
Active fights and daily FUN!!!
Fun and learning environment
Active corp and alliance ops daily

Mail me in-game or dm on discord at Jason K’Night#5456 if you any more questions for me.

Other than this more benefits come from we are not as big or blobby as some alliance so we flier better and often more intensely fit and fced ships to try to overcome that. Have great fleets and lots of fun and no matter what always have someone to shoot with our blue list being next to non-existent!!!

I think you would enjoy flying with us and will have great fun!

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