Galactica-Empire is recruiting!


I have recently created a new corp called Galactica-Empire, we are currently recruiting anyone that wants to join, newbros and veterans. The prefered time zone is AU, one of the only requirements is for you to be active and speak English,

our corp does industry, mining, exploration and we also run combat sites, i will teach and guide newbros on how to play eve and understand the complexity of the game.

we have daily porpoise boost fleets, and we are currently saving up to get some citadels and more engineering complexes, but for now, we are using allied structures.

i am also looking for some older players with at least 10mil SP to help me run the corp.

my corp is based in devoid.

if you are interested please send me an ingame mail, my user is Kalvin Rothchild or apply to the corp.

another requirement is for players to be nice to each other, and family-friendly.


until next time, Fly Safe, o7

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