[GalFed] A Statement of Condemnation of the so-called "Gallentia Primacy"

Oh, nice, a point worth discussing. This is simple. I called for action, and no action was taken. No empires responded, no CONCORD response, and none of the people clutching pearls in this thread bothered either.

If anyone had cared enough to act forcefully this whole thing could have been smothered in its crib. It wasn’t. Now a new paradigm exists.

Gen. Soter and I founded BLDZ to defeat the forces of tyranny by any means necessary. We tied our hands for over a decade abiding by the farcical rules of engagement CONCORD imposed on the FDU. Now we have the opportunity to engage in unrestricted warfare against the Caldari State in its precious “high security” borders. We can strike directly at the megacorp outposts that have coordinated the exploitation of any territory in the warzone that the Caldari have been able to seize control of.

I have very little concern for the internal politics of the Guristas. My organization doesn’t need to concern itself with any objectives but our own. Our current objective is to damage and destabilize the largest criminal enterprise in New Eden, the Caldari State.

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