Gallente Faction Warfare EU/US

Small group of veterans who have played the game together since 2009. We came back to the game for the faction warfare changes.

What we offer:

  • Almost every ship will be paid for with no charge
  • You will never be kicked from corp for not showing up for a fleet
  • We never ping for CTAs or any of that ■■■■
  • Laid back borderline lazy atmosphere

What we are looking for:

  • Anyone who wants to join

We have a good time zone coverage between EU and US tz
Jump in the channel PFI in game or mail Jigro

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still looking for a few more players

We got a few, still looking for a few more.

bumping for a few more

Been having some good fun, looking for a few more to share it with.

Saturday bump

Holidays bump.

Always looking for more.

Happy New Year! come kill stuff with us


weekend up

up for more fun

bump for more people

Weekend bump

still looking for more

Weekend bump :slight_smile:


Bump for more EU tz!

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