GalMil Looking For Manufacturing Partner

Hello capsuleers!

I am looking for a manufacturer to create T1 Hulls and modules for Gallente Faction Warfare corporations/alliances. The ideal candidate would be in Gallente space to cut down on hauling costs. I am interested in commissioning this on a weekly basis and would consist of about roughly 50 hulls of each certain types but not limited to ie. Tristan, Navitas, Cormorant, Merlin, Burst. I am also interested in having the fits created. If you are interested, please message myself or Serraphina in-game. I don’t check here all that often. We can discuss branching into further industrial endeavors together as we grow trust and accomplish contracts together in a timely manner!

Thank you!


Logistical Chief
Average Pilots/Guldan Age Alliance
Gallente Faction Warfare

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