WTB T1 manufacturing

Looking for someone to manufacture T1 battlecruiser hulls on an ongoing basis

Volume around 3B / week

Message me to discuss terms

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Whats your price point? Jita sell? Buy?

Negotiable but obviously trying to do better than quick buying from market, open to offers.

Something along the lines of Jita sell (what you would make after tax) minus a little for the convenience of not having to list it on market.

you want them in Jita I guess ? Maybe for some people doing them in perimeter or iyen oustra would be easier.

Happy to have delivery anywhere in highsec

Bump, still looking.

To reiterate, anywhere in highsec, somewhere between jita buy and sell.

Still a newb, but I have a few T1 bc prints and skills to make. If your still looking, send me an ingame email.


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