[GALRE] Galactic Retribution is recruiting - Null-Sec Corp

We are a small but steadily growing Null-Sec Corporation, currently renting space in Cloud-Ring. Seeking Veteran and New Players alike, seeking individuals interested in PVP, Industry & PVE.

We are looking to start moving fleets through our neighboring regions creating pvp content for our members.

Recruitment Status: OPEN
Taxes: 10%

±-PvP Solo & Group
±-Small Gang & Large Fleet PVP
±-Moon Mining

±-Moon Mining Structure with High Refining bonuses
±-BPO’s for building doctrine ships.
±-Quiet Space
±-Ship Replacement Program
±-Ore Buyback
±-Regional Intel Channel
±-New Bro & Alpha Friendly!
±-Discord Community for pings, comms, and all-around good chats.

for more information Reach out in-game to Kaelic Karrif or apply and we will reach back out to setup an interview



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