Galactic Retribution - Now Recruiting

We are a small Null-Sec corp living in Cloud-Ring section of space, we offer access to some of the most beautiful null-sec space in all of EVE.

What we offer :

-Voice Comms: Discord
-Small Gang Fleets
-Mining Operations
-SRP(Ship Replacement Program)
-Fleet Doctrines
-Intel( Pipeline Intel for advanced threat protection )
-Monthly Profit Sharing

What we ask:

-Tax 15% - this is so that we can continue to offer this great space and continue to upgrade
-Attend at least 2 Small Gang fleets monthly
-Do not lose shiny stuff :slight_smile: use your intel chat.
-5 Mil SP

Pretty straightforward. We want adults with a relaxed mindset who want to have a fun chat and blow stuff up.


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